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Since it's inception in 1988, Schandelmeier & Co. has created and performed over thirty dance works. Based in New York City from 1988-1994, the company choreographed, produced, staged, and performed over twenty of these dance and theater works, including four full-evening productions, two of which were commissioned by Dance Theater Workshop and Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church.

Composed of a kinetically charged and idiosyncratic movement vocabulary, the work addresses classic human issues within a non-linear structure. Jennifer Dunning of The New York Times described Schandelmeier & Co.'s first full-evening work as 'evocative' and 'magical… [resembling] those cards used in personality testing that depict situations but leave the interperatation up to the viewer.' Most recently, Derek Simmonsen of The Washington Times wrote 'One never knows what to expect next in a Laura Schandelmeier piece'

Since moving to Washington, DC in 1994, Artistic Director, Laura Schandelmeier has focused on solo performance work which has been presented throughout the region by producers such as The Kennedy Center and The IN Series. Paula Durbin of The Washington Post wrote 'Balancing on one foot, jammed into an outrageous high-heeled platform shoe, [Schandelmeier] seemed physically capable of almost anything.' She has also collaborated with Paris-based dance artist Clara Gibson Maxwell on her interperatatiion of Schandelmeier's Annabel and with dancers Sandra Lacy and Mary Williford-Shade.