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A 1991 graduate of the Paris Conservatory, Isabelle Pierre-Jacquemin has danced in the works of such renowned French, Swiss, American, and Japanese choreographers as Angelin Preljocaj, Gilles and Christine Schamber, Philippe Saire, Marie-Christine Georghiu, Andy De Groat, Christine Bastin, Jean-François Duroure, Antonio Gomes, Gigi Caciuleanu, and Yutaka Takeï. She appeared in Janàçek's opera, Cunning Little Vixen, choreographed by Jean-Claude Gallotta at Paris's Théâtre du Châtelet. Isabelle holds French state degrees in both contemporary dance education and dance notation.

Having thus established her professional credentials, Isabelle's commitment turned to intimate companies with an authentic appetite for exploration. Her work with Brigitte Dumez is a specific reading of dance's relationship to nature and public space.

Herself an instrumentalist, Isabelle's musical training and need to integrate it into her dance work led her to found, in 1997, a collective, AWA-En temps voulu. This "association loi 1901" was created with flutist Régis Bataille, dancer Véronique Gémin, and actor Yannick Rivalain. The focus of their group is on body music in pedagogy and stage presence. Recently, the group has become oriented more and more toward working specifically with children experiencing social, mental, and physical problems.

Since 2000, her collaborations with sculptor Catherine Cocherel investigate animation of organic matter in performance.

Isabelle's interest in Taoist philosophy attracted her to Clara Gibson Maxwell's approach to performance.