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EDUCATION: Latin-Greek Institute : Summer 1992, Ancient Greek

Harvard University : 1974-75; 1976-79; B.A., Philosophy.

Yale University : Summer 1977; Spring 1978.

Tufts University : Summer 1973-Spring 1974.

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Guest Lecturer: sémaire de Frédéric Brahami, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (February 8, 2018).

Secretary-Treasurer. Appalachian Springs Foundation (2014- ).

Guest Lecturer. "Unities and Tensions in the Work of Cornelius Castoriadis, With Some Considerations on the Question of Organization." Talk given at the Athens Polytechnic on December 7, 2007 for a meeting organized by the Autonomy or Barbarism group on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the death of Cornelius Castoriadis.

Invited Speaker: International conferences on Cornelius Castoriadis at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris (June 1999), University of Crete, Rethimnon (September 2000) , Columbia University, New York City (December 2000)..

Guest Lecturer: University of Pennsylvania (November 2000); Philadelphia Solidarity (1995).

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Conference Organizer. Pompidou Center Conference: "Cleisthenes the Athenian: The Birth of Democracy." Conference Participants: Cornelius Castoriadis, Pierre Lévêque, and Pierre Vidal-Naquet. (March 27, 1992).

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