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Soul Kitchen (French Postal Museum Commission) (2014; bande annonce/trailer)


Soul Kitchen (French Postal Museum Commission) (2014; contact for password)

Bande-annonce : Encuentro-Encuentro (FR) (2011)


Encuentro-Encuentro (FR) (2011; contactez pour le mot de passe)


Encuentro-Encuentro (EN) (2011; contact for the password)

The Banquet at Taliesin West (2001; download only)

Le Corps-Éros 1 (1997; download only)

Le Corps-Éros 2 (1997; download only)

Corpus (texte/text: Marc Le Bot, Les noms propres des dieux [Paris: Fata Morgana1989]) (1998; download only)

Corpsensus - Trinity (1999; download only)

Corpsensus - l'Aimable (1999; download only)

Le Projet Noir (1997; download only)

Promotional Tape 1 (2000; download only)

Promotional Tape 2 (2000; download only)

Images du stage de la Technique Alexander/danse classique Wayne Byars/Luigia Riva, film de Clara Gibson Maxwell